We met our goal! Thank you!

Operations Write for Baseball was a huge success and we reached our goal yesterday! That includes a few “mail-in” donations, which is fantastic, too. We’re still doing the video, and there will still be expressions of gratefulness and appreciation. Many of you have asked to be anonymous. You will forever be known as Tank’s Baseball Dream Supporters Extraordinaire! Thank you for helping a 10-yr-old’s dream come true.

Coach emailed me because he heard through the hollow snakes that there was a chance Tank couldn’t go. I told him, not to worry. Our reservations and fees were all in. Tank ended up having supporters all over the world (we got an international donation, too).

Again, I’m still floored from all of this. I am also inspired. I have so many story ideas. Some of them, perhaps will make it into print, which will be further evidence to everyone’s kindness, I hope.

Thumbs up for all the Live Your Dreams supporters from Tank!