Baseball and Writing – They Go Together

Tank’s baseball dreams for this summer for sure for next week’s tournament are a go! Wow! Thank you. Thank you.

Still more donations came in yesterday. How exciting! When I told Tank he said, “Mom, that’s awesome. You’re awesome. I need to be awesome.” I told him he was awesome.

This whole “Getting Creative to Help Make Dreams Come True” process has taught us all some valuable lessons, too. Community, our circle of friends, it isn’t just Hallmark Cards. It’s the real thing. Appreciate the human beings around you. There is a collective force that pulls us towards one another. That’s what makes this life worth enjoying and living.

We’re just shy of the goal ($50); but, a few more peanut butter sandwiches and dollar-stretching in other places and we’ll likely make it work. Thanks again to all the “Baseball is Life” sponsors.

And can I tell you how much I love PayPal? I wish more interfaces allowed me to use Paypal. Like I have a library fine I owe right now (I can never finish my books in enough time because I check out too many at a time). I logged onto the library page and you can pay online – that’s awesome; but it won’t take Paypal. Really? Bummer. I have to dig out a credit card. Ugh. Also, there have been times over the years, especially with Tank’s sports stuff, where we’d wish that folks took Paypal. One small note – the time of an email, and BAM! Everyone has their money. You’re collecting for a gift for so-in-so’s birthday at work. Take Paypal baby. It’s easy. Course this is because I NEVER carry any cash. Ever. Ask my kids.

“Mom! It’s the ice cream man!”

“Does he take Paypal?”

/snort. I crack myself up, at least.

If anyone wants to help us get that last bit of our goal, remember it’s a simple paypal donation to:  casz at creativewordlab dot com.

Thanks again to the incredible generosity and faith in dreams my fabulous circle has. You put your money where your mouth is. May your graciousness come back at you threefold.

Tank says, "Thank you. You're Awesome!"