Update on “Getting Creative to Help Make Dreams Come True!”

I’m indebted to the incredible generosity of those that responded to my “Getting Creative to Help Make Dreams Come True.” We need $150 more to meet our goal. But even so, I have a lot of writing to do. It’s really going to challenge me, but I am so inspired that there is such human greatness out there. I am stunned. It was hard to keep my emotions under wrap yesterday. I was a blubbering mess each time a donation came in. Tank, too, was very touched. He, however, in true athlete fashion was, like, “I’m gonna kick butt!” Made me realize yesterday I have raised some fighters. We don’t give up. With the help of some very dear souls and friends, we will regroup and wage assault again to battle for our dreams.

Again, my deepest gratitude to those who are helping my sweet Tank go for his dreams. Wow. You all are incredible! Thank you.