Getting Creative To Make Dreams Come True

In mid-June, I stepped away from a stable, yet very unsatisfying job. I began a career of self-employment. Creative Word Lab (www.creativewordlab) was born.

Initially business was good. Invoicing went out and some monies came in; but not all of them. And it’s pinching in a too important place as far as I’m concerned.

Bills are still due and my son’s baseball dreams are at risk. He has two tournaments coming up.

Because there’s not enough in the baseball travel fund kitty at the moment we need to commit to his upcoming tournament, we came up with a plan.

We’re accepting donations to help his baseball dreams come true. In true modern athlete fashion, he’s putting his name – Tank – on the line to play baseball. And I’m putting my name as a creative artist and writer on the line.

For each donation of at least $25, you have two choices. You will be noted as a sponsor in a small video montage (that will be offered to other baseball families and posted w/ a promo posted on YouTube (which also features your sponsorship) that will be put together over the tournament weekends (there are two upcoming) or I will write you a poem featuring you as a main character.

For $50 donation, I will write you a short story featuring you as a main character and Tank will give you a shout-out on the video.

If someone wants to sponsor one of the entire tournament costs ($300 – travel, lodging & entry fees), we will create a sponsorship banner that will be featured in the video. And I will do $500 worth of writing, creativity coaching and, or communication consulting for you. That’s a savings of $200 plus free advertising!

You are also welcome to make a donation (anonymous or noted) without a gift beyond knowing you’re helping make a child’s dreams come true.

We are accepting PayPal Donations (casz at creativewordlab dot com). Private Message us here with your sponsorship preference — video advertising or literary memorialization, or some extra consulting business for free.