Welcome Book Projects

We’ve been busy editing tons and tons of book projects. Some of the projects we are unable to discuss because of contract obligations, but here’s a few that we are excited about:


Editing this book and working with “Alex,” as he prefers to be called was great. The story is an epic fantasy with a vampiric twist. A strong female lead charges through this book like a fire dragon. We’re actually really looking forward to the next in this series…yes! it’s a series.

Another book that we’ve edited was Tonya Fraser‘s PROVIDENCE OF SOULS.

Editing this book and working with Tonya taught us a lot about helping a writer achieve their dreams. Tonya is busy writing her next book and we hope to help her get that one to print, too.

If you have a book you are looking to have edited, don’t hesitate to contact us. Editor@creativewordlab.com