Creative Word Lab to Reach Out to Unemployed Vets


Local business reaches out to unemployed vets




Contact:  Casondra Brewster



NORTH BEND – A news story circulating the media says that nearly a quarter of a million jobless vets are part of the 9 percent unemployment. One of the biggest reasons is not due to injuries or disabilities received during their service time, but the fact that military experience does not easily translate into the civilian sector.

Creative Word Lab, a local business in the Snoqualmie Valley, is offering unemployed vets job searching help.

“We can help their resumes and cover letters translate the military jargon into corporate speak,” said Casondra Brewster, Creative Word Lab’s owner. “As a vet myself, I’ve walked in both worlds. I can assist them in applying the advantage of military service. You know the one that recruiters and retention sergeants told you would have when you got out of the service?”

The professional writing and business communication services firm is offering a program where they will work with vets to help them turn their oftentimes over-looked skills in leadership as well as their technical skills into marketable items on job applications and resumes. The best part? There is no fee until the vet finds a job and has received their first paycheck.

“Creative Word Lab’s fee is very low to begin with, but even then we work with Veterans to make sure that a first paycheck is helping them get on their feet,” Brewster said. “In the past, most folks have found the resume-writing services we provide to be well worth the investment of the fee.”

But unlike similar services, she added, Brewster understands the military veteran job seeker and what things like M.O.S., NCO, and ROEs mean. “All of those things translate to the civilian corporate world,” Brewster said. Creative Word Lab also can help vets look for other helpful resources if necessary. “Transition from being a service member to joe-shmoe is one of the hardest things anyone can do; I know. I’ve been there. I learned a lot and want to help where my skills work best.”

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