Welcome to Creative Word Lab. If you need help with professional writing, editing, teaching, corporate communications product development, or any other creative consulting services, Creative Word Lab is your source for any and all those “word” things. Don’t like to write? Not sure how to communicate your products? Need a speech? Web content confusion? We can help. More than 20 years experience goes into each and every project we do. If you’ve got a problem with words, we’re your solution.

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Welcome Book Projects

We’ve been busy editing tons and tons of book projects. Some of the projects we are unable to discuss because of contract obligations, but here’s a few that we are excited about: Thomas Alexander‘s MISTRESS OF THE DANCING BONES Editing this book and working with “Alex,” as he prefers to be called was great. The …

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3 Years of Word Lab Bliss

A big thank you to everyone for helping to make our dreams come true.  Today marks three years since Creative Word Lab opened its inky doors. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but a ton of fun. In honor of this, we’re going to be featuring a 30 percent discount on all services through the …

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